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Family Relations Law


Diritto delle relazioni famigliari

The Firm handles family and inheritance disputes, providing specific assistance in separations, divorces and amendments thereto, the transfer of property under separation and divorce proceedings, the custody of minors in unmarried couples, the management of property relations between spouses and between de facto couples. It also deals with proceedings for the limitation and forfeiture of parental responsibility. 

The Firm offers assistance in recovering unpaid maintenance contributions and unreimbursed extraordinary expenses and pays particular attention to the protection of vulnerable persons, administrative support and disqualifications, with support throughout the proceedings, including the drafting of inventories, applications and statements.

The Firm also follows Family Relations law in the more delicate areas of the right to protection of personality, health, therapeutic choices and a free and informed expression of consent. 

Particular attention is given to succession management, including out-of-court and contentious inheritance division agreements.