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The Firm


Studio TDL, founded in 1985, is an independent Italian “full service” firm specialised in tax, corporate and labour consultancy and administrative outsourcing services primarily for multinational companies and groups, also in consideration of consolidated and long-term associate and “best friendship” relations with major international professional firms.

Studio TDL, is a professional association formed by Certified Accountants, Statutory Auditors and Labour Consultants, addressing the needs of the Client by working as a team, within their respective areas of expertise.

The feature that distinguishes Studio TDL is the quality of the services provided. The high level of experience and professionalism of its professional staff, integrating technical and specialist expertise, guarantees a vast range of services in the fields of tax, corporate, accounting and labour matters, both locally and internationally, taking advantage of the latest approaches and a wide network of contacts and international relations.

Our professionals also act as rapporteurs at conferences and publicists on trade magazines and are members of Study Commissions set up by the ‘Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili’ (the Institute of Certified Chartered Accountants) and the Institute of Labour Consultants in Milan. This kind of commitment, together with our in-house Study Centre, enables us to maintain a high level of specialization, be constantly up-to-date in our respective areas of specialization and pool together specific best practices, all essential elements that guarantee our Clients a high level of assistance, even in the most complex of operations.

Our values

The passion for our work lies at the heart of our professional culture. We are appreciated for our intellectual and professional honesty. Integrity and independence represent our fundamental values. They allow us to find the right solution even in the face of the most complex situations. Ethics, honesty, and consistency are the founding blocks of our professionalism. To date, these principles, that take the form of trustworthiness and transparency with our Clients, have been appreciated by our Clients, our staff and the institutions. These values push us towards building relationships based on mutual trust and collaboration both within the working environment and with the outside world.

Our staff is the most precious resource we have. We invest in professional growth and expertise, and everyone is regularly updated on the latest developments, and above all through the sharing of values, commitment and passion. Our professional staff is trained and able to understand the proper needs of the client. Here you will find recognition that anyone can express their full potential.

We address a lot of attention, moreover, on education, the protection of the environment and social activities, collaborating on the projects of many non-profit associations and institutions.

Our commitment in the pursuit of ethical values and principles, a feature that has distinguished us to date, is constantly renewed, with increasing determination.