You can always rely on us

The Firm

Studio TDL, founded in 1985, is an independent Italian “full service” firm specialising in tax, corporate, legal and labour consultancy and administrative outsourcing services, primarily directed at multinational companies and groups, also in connection with consolidated and long-standing liaisons and ‘best friendship’ relationships with leading international professional firms.

Studio TDL’s legal status is that of a professional limited liability company made up of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, Legal Auditors, Labour Consultants and Lawyers, addressing the Client’s needs by working as a team within their respective fields of expertise.

The distinctive element that characterises Studio TDL is the quality of the services rendered, thanks to the experience and high level of professionalism of its experts who, by integrating technical and specialised skills, guarantee a wide range of services in tax, corporate, accounting and labour areas, both nationally and internationally, making use of advanced methods and an extensive network of contacts and international relations.

Our experts are also involved as speakers at conferences and publish articles on specialised magazines and are members of Study Commissions of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, the Association of Labour Consultants of Milan and the Bar Association.

This commitment, together with our internal Study Centre, allows us to maintain a high degree of specialisation and constant updating in our respective areas of specialisation and to pool specific best practices, fundamental elements that guarantee a high quality in the assistance provided to our Clients, even in the most complex transactions.

Our Values

Passion for our work is the basis of our professional culture. We are appreciated for our intellectual honesty and professionalism. Our core values are integrity and independence, allowing us to find the right solution even in the most complex situations. Our professional conduct abides by ethics, honesty and coherence. To date, these principles, which are reflected by loyalty and transparency with our clients, have met with their appreciation as well as from our employees and Institutions. These values drive us towards building relationships based on trust and cooperation both within the working environment and with the outside world.

Our staff is our most valuable resource. We invest in their professional growth and expertise, with everyone updated daily, and above all with the sharing of values, commitment and passion. We train professionals who are prepared and willing to understand the right needs of our Clients. We provide the awareness that facilitates the full expression of each individual’s potential.

We also pay much attention to education, environmental protection and social activities, collaborating in the projects of many non-profit organisations and associations.

We constantly renew, with increasing determination, our commitment to pursuing the values and ethical principles that have distinguished us so far.