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Global Outsourcing Services


In relation to the size and needs of the Client, the Firm is able to provide a vast range of services that fall outside the internal administrative cycle, through the use of advanced IT systems and personnel skilled in the management of the accounts, compliance with the relative civil and tax law, and labour legislation.

Global outsourcing activities include a wide range of services such as, domiciliation, the depositing of the financial statement and filings with the Chamber of Commerce, communications to the Tax Authorities, the Registry of Trading Companies and the Social Security and National Insurance institutions, administrative back-office activities, coordination with the control bodies (Statutory Auditors and/or Auditors).

Accounting and Administration in Outsourcing

TDL Global Outsourcing

The dedicated team is made up of professionals and personnel highly specialised in the administrative management of all aspects that regard the accounts...

Administrative Management of Personnel

TDL Global Outsourcing

With a special team of Labour consultants and experts in personnel administration, the Firm provides all services regarding the administrative management of personnel...