Tailor made advice

Administrative management of personnel

Studio TDL provides, through a dedicated team of labour consultants and personnel administration experts, every service inherent to personnel administrative management, from assistance in the drafting of employment contracts, to the processing of payroll and contributions and relative regulatory fulfilments.

In particular, the services offered include:

  • Personnel management for small, medium and large companies;
  • Attendance management;
  • Pay slip processing;
  • Management of tax and social security fulfilments;
  • Keeping of the ‘Single Employment Ledger’;
  • Periodic reporting to support management;
  • Operational treasury services;
  • Preparation of personnel cost budgets;
  • Contributory representation;
  • Document archiving;
  • Electronic archiving and dematerialisation;
  • Agent management;
  • 730 Form services;
  • Regulatory news reporting.