Tailor made advice

Company secretariat

Studio TDL has a professional structure dedicated to corporate secretarial activities, which includes the use, where required, of IT facilities linked to the Registry of Trading Companies.

The services offered include:

  • Organisation of meetings of the Board of Directors and Quotaholders’ Meetings with completion of all necessary formalities (notices of call, proxies, etc.) and participation, where required, with the role of Secretary and drafting of the relevant minutes (bilingual for clients of multinational groups);
  • Assistance in the issue of shares, bonds, and similar securities;
  • Keeping and updating of company books;
  • Domiciliation of companies with Secretarial functions;
  • Registration of minutes at the Registry Office;
  • Preparation of financial statements in ‘XBRL’ format and subsequent online filing;
  • Completion of paperwork at the Registry of Trading Companies, Inland Revenue Agencies, Chamber of Commerce and Social Security Offices;
  • Management of fulfilments relating to real estate properties and leases (IMU, TASI, TARI, registration tax, claims and various communications).